With SLASHLOCAL you can start your free online store within minutes.
A transactional plan will allow your customers to purchase at any time on their mobile or on the web.

⚠️ COVID-19: We're offering our support to local businesses during this difficult time.

No SLASHLOCAL transaction fees for 3 months.

No commitment required. Any SLASHLOCAL fees will be credited to you monthly for the duration of the promotion.
* Stripe transaction fees 1 remain applicable. Limited-time offer.


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Free subscription
0% slashlocal fees for 3 months*
  • 1000 ads

    Display + Online sale

  • Transaction fee
    1% slashlocal + Stripe fee1
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1:  No Slashlocal fee during the promotion. Stripe Fee per successful card charge in your online store. Visit Stripe.com for more details.  
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Your online catalog.

Create your online catalog in minutes. Publish all products and services that can be purchased online or on-site. Show your company logo, post news and promote your store.
You are in business!

Communicate and sell anytime.

Your customers can conveniently and safely pay on mobile or on the web.
You can reply to their messages directly from the Chat.
You are notified when new orders arrive. As you complete each order, your customers will automatically receive an alert to collect their purchases.

Boost your presence on mobile and on the web.

Use SLASHLOCAL to showcase your articles.
Say goodbye to expensive and polluting flyers!
Create promotional events and keep publishing.
Your store's news are delivered to the customers who follow you, on mobile or email.
Adjust your catalog through online analysis of your results.