Our Mission

To help local businesses thrive.

Like local shopping? With SLASHLOCAL you can easily shop around and buy all kinds of products and services based on your location.

Shop local deals and buy online. The best way to shop local online.

Pinpoint local deals from nearby shops, on a map.
Find exactly what you're looking for. Or, discover stores you didn't know existed.

Communicate and pay anytime, from anywhere.

When you see an interesting deal, contact the merchant via chat.
Simply pay on your mobile or on the web, even outside opening hours.
When your order is ready, you are automatically notified. It's time to pickup your purchases!
Evaluate and share your appreciation of your experience with the merchant.

Become sellers yourselves.

Selling your items has never been easier.
Take pictures, write a description, specify a price.

Your online catalog.

Create your online catalog in minutes. Publish all products and services that can be purchased online or on-site. Show your company logo, post news and promote your store.
You are in business!

Communicate and sell anytime.

Your customers can conveniently and safely pay on mobile or on the web.
You can reply to their messages directly from the Chat.
You are notified when new orders arrive. As you complete each order, your customers will automatically receive an alert to collect their purchases.

Boost your presence on mobile and on the web.

Use SLASHLOCAL to showcase your articles.
Say goodbye to expensive and polluting flyers!
Create promotional events and keep publishing.
Your store's news are delivered to the customers who follow you, on mobile or email.
Adjust your catalog through online analysis of your results.

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